Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You've got to start somewhere

Welcome to Crave It Make It!

Today I decided I'd like to start a food blog.  Part of this is because I'm practically addicted to what my friend calls "food porn" -- the several blogs I follow, such as Annie's Eats, and the Well-fed Newly Weds.  I'm calling these kitchen-fearless ladies who welcome us all into their kitchen my inspiration, and am following suit.  The other part is because I cook or bake all the time anyway, and am getting requests for recipes frequently because of it, so it's not a big step to go from that to sharing those recipes with you all in blog format.

I cook for myself as much as I can, tending to steer away from processed and refined foods as much as possible.  My sweet tooth will mean this thing is far from being a "healthy" blog, but still I try to make as much of my food as I can myself, so there's a little bit of healthy in there too.

You'll have to bear with me, my photography skills aren't the best, but I'll learn as I go, and hopefully improve!  Lastly, to my friends in the neighbourhood -- I'm always on the lookout for volunteers to help me make my baked goodies disappear.  Just drop me a line!

Here's a small peek at my kitchen!

Alex :)

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