Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cancer Ribbon Cookies

On Friday, my friend Jeff became a changed man.  Jeff's been growing his hair out for the past three years with the intention of donating it to contribute toward a wig for a cancer patient, and Friday was the day it all came off.  Jeff's also been fundraising for his event, and got a few of his friends/family/co-workers to contribute. 

I know Jeff knows he's done a good thing, but the fact is, you get used to having long hair, and it can take a while to get used to it being gone.  I know personally, I cut off almost as much as Jeff did, about a year and a half ago.  To help ease his pain, and remind him he did a good thing, I've made Jeff a little surprise: cookies!  I know it'll make his day because Jeff's a big fan of my baking. :)

Cancer Ribbon Cookies for Jeff
Made: 24 cookies

I used  the second half of my usual sugar cookie recipe*, with a small tweak -- I used Sucanat instead of white sugar.  I don't know that I'll do that again... Sucanat stands out in this recipe by showing off little flecks of colour.  That in combination with the white whole-wheat flour... they don't look like traditional sugar cookies for sure!  Because it was a thawed recipe I also had to substitute the flour -- I'm out of the white whole-wheat, so I had to use my regular whole wheat flour, which has bran flake-looking things in it.  Not so nice for sugar cookies either!  So, lesson learned: don't mess with the traditional recipe!  Jeff will forgive me though, he's a good guy like that, hehe.

I lined baking sheets with parchment paper to keep the cookies from sticking.
So, I rolled and cut out my cookies. (See the flecks?  Ug-ly! Oh well...)
I baked the cookies at 400F for 6 minutes, and let them cool on racks.
I prepared the royal icing: one white recipe, and one pink**. I put the icing as quickly as possible into air-tight containers because that stuff dries quickly and goes rock-solid.

I had to escape to another room at this point to ice my cookies... my cats are too curious! They're afraid they'll miss out on something so they want to be involved in everything.  And since cat hair and cookies don't mix, I had to hide out.  If you have any ideas on how to get around this, please let me know.

I thinned the icing slightly (1 tsp water to each colour) to do the piping.  I piped outlines in white and in pink.
I'm still learning the technique, so I improved quite a bit by the time I got to the pink tray.

I let the piped cookies sit for an hour.  

I thinned the icing again, adding 1 tsp water and 1 tsp Wilton white-white icing colour to each.  My motivation for part of that was to calm the pink, and part was to brighten the white.
I left the tips in water to keep the icing from drying out.  You'll need to squeeze out the first little bit of icing away from the cookies when you re-start with them to account for that.

I filled squeeze bottles, and flooded the cookies. I used a toothpick to push the icing into the cracks, and let it dry for a few hours.
 Before / After drying.  Not much difference, only that it's matte now not glossy.

Once the icing was dried, I brushed on some petal dust -- for my fun, really.

Voila! Ribbon cookies for Jeff.

* See directions on original post for thawing and using the dough.  You'll need to knead it once it thaws!
**  I used pink because this weekend I'm thinking of a woman in my life who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, but you can use whatever colour has meaning for you.
P.S. If you'd like to contribute to Jeff's fundraising, you can do so here.  Thank you to all who do!!

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