Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Shower Cake

Today, I had a baby shower to attend that I made the cake for.  The flowers for the cake needed to be done in advance. The night I planned on making flowers, the power went out so I didn't get them done.  I like being prepared, especially with my cake due for the shower, so it was making me a little nervous.  I'd have hated to disappoint.  Lucky for me, with a little schedule-shuffling, my cake was done in time, and the shower went really well.  The hostess can be very proud of herself, she did an amazing job!!

One really clever idea the hostess had was for everyone to bring a children's book in place of a card, with a message to the family inside.  I loved this idea!  I brought Harold and the Purple Crayon, but was really torn between that and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, another childhood favourite of mine.  I remember Mom reading Only One Woof, too, when I was really little, so I'm hoping this baby will have fond memories of the books she's receiving today.

For the cake, I made a simple spice cake (sugar and spice are what little girls are supposed to be made of, right?) and did fondant double button flowers to pair with it.  I added some lemon flavouring to the buttercream icing and it really worked out well.  I'm not posting the cake recipe.  It was a pain to do as a layer cake, and works much, much better as a sheet cake.  So, if I'm in need of one later, I'll post it then.  I will however, share the pictures with you!

I baked and iced the cake, giving it a crumb coat and cleverly dodging the cats by hiding in a bedroom where they couldn't get in...
I added the basketweave.
 Then I added the border to the bottom.
I added the flowers and leaves, then packed it up for transport.  I'm happy with how the cake turned out.  The new baby's mother was too!

Source of inspiration: Wilton's Cake Decorating course 2, Flowers & Cake Design.

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