Sunday, July 22, 2012

Local Drought and Fire

For those of you not currently living in Eastern Ontario or the Ottawa Valley, you may not be aware of the drought conditions in the area.  Even for some of those who live here, I'm finding a lot of people are oblivious, worrying more about their lawn than the food supply.  Even Ottawa's greenbelt, our city's pride and joy, is suffering this summer with a fire that is still not completely out, ten days later.

Some people appear to have lost the basic connection that rain + sun = crops which feed us and the animals we consume to survive.  Maybe it's the fact that we can get strawberries in January, or import any exotic thing we want, whenever we want that is contributing to that disconnect, but either way, we need rain here.  By the time people see the difference in their grocery bill, it will be too late.

Ottawa's hottest + driest summer
Dry summer worries farmers
Drought conditions declared
Ontario crops wither
Greenbelt fire 

Want to help?  Support local farmers -- they need help this year to deal with increased cost of feeding their animals and keeping them alive in this heat and drought.  Buy local produce, encourage your local MPs and MPPs to support the farmers, and reduce your water consumption.

If you smoke, make sure to butt out properly -- it is believed that the Moodie drive fire in the Greenbelt, was started by a discarded cigarette butt.

If nothing else -- hope, wish, pray for rain.

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