Sunday, April 21, 2013

Irish Cream Cake Balls

Yesterday was the birthday of a good friend of mine.  Last year, I made a Black Forest cake for this occasion.  This year I thought I'd make something he's been hinting at for a long time: cake balls!  This was a call I was more than happy to answer.

I know traditionally, people bake a cake using their favourite recipe or a box mix, then blend in their frosting, and go from there.  I decided to go about it in a more round-about way.  Since January, when I started my latest cake decorating course, I've been saving the scraps from any cakes I have leveled, or any layers that stuck to the pan, or crumbled coming out of the pan.  Basically stuff that would have been either thrown into the compost or eaten as scrap snacks, but never given away as gift cakes.  By the time we got to April, I had a pretty good sized freezer bag going.  I figured this was win-win: my friend could get his cake balls, and I'd save the time baking one more cake.

This whole process is really simple once you understand it.  I used this tutorial to figure out the basics, then used chocolate coating melted in my 1-quart slow-cooker to melt the chocolate.  The whole process is messy and slow,  but isn't very hard, and the end results are always delicious!  For these particular balls, to make them Irish cream flavoured, I added a little Bailey's into the frosting in place of vanilla when I was making it.  It adds just enough flavour to give the balls a little kick.
The cake crumbs.

The cake balls.

Chocolate dipped.


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